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Deborah Vrabel, who is the principal service provider, has successfully worked with clients throughout Ohio and in four other states. Please call or email Deborah to discuss your needs.


Think Pond Enterprises is
based in Northeast Ohio.

Think Pond Enterprises is a spectrum of services, resources, and projects designed to share vital knowledge, advance creative solutions, strengthen communities, and develop human potential.

Does your organization: Generate knowledge? Bring beauty, healing and a sense of future to vulnerable, forgotten people and desolate places? Help people learn, grow, and overcome challenges? Advocate for those with no voice? Strengthen families and communities? We want to help.

What Makes Think Pond Enterprises Different?

We are building a diverse, dynamic association of seasoned and aspiring professionals. We are designing new forms of collaboration, mentoring, and entrepreneurship as we develop new projects, services, and innovations.

Our services improve the creative impact, strategic focus, and sustainability of socially valuable programs. Our service options and delivery model are designed to overcome many of the budget and staffing issues that limit scope or keep projects from moving forward. If the availability of time, funding, and organizational resources sometimes limits your organization’s vision and opportunities, Think Pond Enterprises is a perfect solution. You’ll get customized services, continuity, and the right support at the right time.

Our purpose is to develop relationships, ideas, strategies, skills, and careers that will increase the impact of organizations striving to build a better world.

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